My Flight Attendant Life

A lot of you guys always want to know how or why I became an Air hostess and what I did before I began flying. I’m always asked “Whats your favourite destination?” and if I actually get off the plane to make the most of the places we go.

Most people interested in a career in flying but have no idea where to begin and others simply want Travel hints, tips and recommendation’s. So for the first post on my “My Flight Attendant life”  I’m talking about a few things i’ve learned along the way some things you should know about me.

JETLAG.….. (Where do I begin)

There’s been many times I’ve landed back home after a long haul trip and slept a solid 14 hours and still felt like I could sleep 14 more. When my body is still on a different timezone and it’s a massive struggle to either stay awake or to sleep. Right now I’m in Shanghai, it’s 6am and i’ve been awake the last few hours. Currently writing this post lying in bed watching one of my favourite movies, “The First Wives Club”.

I did get a few hours sleep though, we landed early yesterday morning after an 11(ish) hour flight. Slept a few hours when I got to my hotel room, and then went out shopping in the afternoon.

Dinner last night consisted of Pizza and Fries in bed with netflix. Very healthy…. I know, but I was too tired to venture out.

I’ve just had 2 work trips to Texas right before this one, so now I’m about 12 hours ahead of where I was in the States 2 days ago. Its nice to do a chill trip every now and then. As a Flight Attendant the best advice I can give for travelling long haul is to try and stay on the timezone you’re on. Everyone is different but I find it works best for me.

* Try and power through the day and you should sleep well that night. If you leave in the afternoon and land 10 hours later and its still the afternoon it can be hard to get your head around. Try not to sleep until that night, hard but it definitely helps. A nap works too but you have to force yourself to get up. Sometimes you can’t beat Jetlag though. I find it especially difficult on trips to the Far East sometimes going to bed at night time, and still being wide awake when the sun comes up.

* Drink plenty of water, like loads and loads, as much as you can. I wish I would take my own advice     on this sometimes. Most of the time I’m great and drink loads, other times I could definitely be better. It’s essential to drink tons of water when flying anyway because the air is so dry, and it’s crazy what flying does to your body.


Staying safe! Especially ONLINE. 

Pretty much self explanatory and i’m sure you are all well aware but nevertheless be mindful when tagging your location on social media. Especially when travelling as you never know who’s watching. That goes for the hashtag’s too.

I’ve learned how important it is keeping yourself safe when you’re abroad. Both in person and online, It’s a beautiful but crazy world. Theres lots of different things you can do to make sure your safe. If you want to learn some more, A good article I read online was by CNBC “7 tips for staying safe while travelling

Take a carry on bag of essentials!! 

I always have a carry on bag when flying especially on long haul trips. Pack a spare change of clothes or some essential things you might need. Just the other day I flew from London to Cork and 2 of my cases didn’t make it until the next day. I was going home though so didn’t mind too much. In my liquids bag I always make sure to have a hand sanitiser.

It might be a Flight Attendant thing but I love all the girly smelly ones you can get. I get mine in America mostly but I also love the soap and glory ones in the UK.


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Packing like a Pro ;

If I’m being honest, I actually don’t have much advice to give on packing because i’m definitely not a Pro. LOL I wish I could give you the best advice on how to do it well, but I still haven’t mastered it. Sometimes I almost get it right and other times I’m like why the frig have I packed all this shiizzzzz.

I suppose its a bit harder for me though because I need to pack for different climates and standbys where I won’t know where I’m going until I’m there.

I’m also a last minute packer so there could be anything in my bag. One time I landed in Cape Town, in the height of summer and the only shoes i’d packed was a pair of winter boots. Not ideal and I ended up having to spend a fortune on the most basic pair of flip flops in the hotel shop.




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