Cape Town; 5 things to do in 24 hours


As one of South Africa’s most prized possessions, Cape Town is  fast becoming a bloggers paradise and its easy to see why. It is home to one of the most beautiful coastlines and is surrounded by stunning mountain views worthy of any movie setting. I’ve just returned from CPT and on any given layover in Cape Town I’m normally limited to just over 24 hours. This really isn’t a lot, taking into account we need to be well rested before our return flight. As Flight Attendants we learn how to make the most of cities around the world in the very little time we have.


Here are some of my tips on things to do, if you’re travelling to Cape Town:


 Table Mountain; 

Whether you’re into Hiking or not Table Mountain is a must. Im sure you’ve all seen the pictures of views from the top and it only gets better in person. You can choose to hike up and hike down or take the cable car. I think the cable car was about Sixteen pounds (GBP) return. My advice would be to get there early as the queue took quite a while. Make sure you go on a day where its clear blue skies as you won’t want to miss any of the views from the top. You can also hike Lions Head (seen to the left of the picture above) it probably has some of the best views of Table mountain.


Treat Yo’Self…..

… some Shhteak. I’m not a huge fan of beef if I’m honest maybe the odd burger here and there but I never eat Steak. Except when I’m in Cape Town or Johannesburg then it’s my go to thing. If you’re a meat lover its all part of the experience you will not be disappointed. Equally if seafood is your thing its some of the freshest and delicious around. I would suggest going to the Waterfront for some dinner and eating at The Bungalow restaurantThere is also tons of Vegetarian and Vegan options available in South Africa too.

Wine Tasting; 

I’m sure as you can imagine there are lots of Vineyards in South Africa and its wines are famous around the world. There are plenty of wine tasting tours to choose from in CPT.

Wine is also a fraction of the price you would pay in Ireland, the UK or anywhere else for that matter.


Go on an African Safari: 

Pretty much self explanatory but you might need a little more than 24 hours to do this one, especially if you want to see as much as possible. Going on an African Safari is one for the bucket list and you won’t regret it. I would suggest doing a night safari so you really get to experience the Wild firsthand.

Shark Cage Diving; 

This is one I have yet to do. But people travel from all around the globe to go Shark Diving in Cape Town. I’m not a huge fan of open water…. actually I’m not a fan at all. Sharks don’t really do it for me either but I suppose thats what bucket lists are for. Doing something out of the ordinary and stepping outside your comfort zone. I’ll keep you posted on this one. If you want a closer look at whats involved involved in the tours check it out here



Good to Know; (……So you’re good to go)

The City of Cape Town is running out of water and every little drop is precious. We brought as much water as we could. We were limited to 2 mins or less for showers and to only use taps etc where necessary. If you’re visiting anytime soon make sure you read up on how you can help the locals save as much water as they can.











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