Launch of ‘The Donovan Bar’ at Browns Hotel in Mayfair.

Blonde Wandering in Mayfair

Wow! How amazing has this weather been in The UK? Twenty Nine Degrees and soaring! It’s so crazy to think it’s only April, Crazy but Wonderful and long may it continue. I spent the last weekend in Cape Town, South Africa and landed back to London on Tuesday to the most beautiful blue skies. The City is a different place when the sun comes out. I don’t know about you guys, but sunny weather instantly puts me in a better mood. Growing up in Ireland and I suppose its the same in the UK too, its very rare that we get a week of blue skies. I’ve been taking full advantage of the weather in London. I spent the days chilling with a Picnic in Richmond park, and on Thursday evening headed to the bright lights of Mayfair.

While in London;

I was invited to the Re-Launch of The Donovan Bar at the legendary 5-Star Browns Hotel. Set in one of the most sought after areas in London and almost a stones throw from Buckingham palace, it’s the perfect location if you ask me. We hopped off the tube at Green Park station and the Hotel was less than a five minute walk from there. We were greeted at the door by the very friendly doormen that directed us to the newly renovated Donovan Bar. We were invited to join famous drinks maestro Salvatore Calabrese and designer Olga Polizzi for the opening of this absolutely stunning bar.

Picture Perfect!

The bar has been named after one of the most famous English photographer’s. Inside it hosted 50 of Donovan’s Iconic photographs which lined the walls throughout. Salvatore created his selection of cocktails with photography in mind and they were divided into four sections from his original menu. These included “bright and refreshing High Exposure; dark and mellow Low Exposure; strong and bold High Contrast; and soft and delicate Low Contrast”  along with some of his own Signature Cocktails.

I read an interview recently on Salvatore Calabrese and was shocked to learn that some of the cognacs and liqueurs he has previously used were so rare they were anything up to 300 years old.   And you can only imagine the price for just one of those shots. He has a huge influence in the modern drinks industry and rightly so.

We were lucky enough to sample some of the different cocktails at the Donovan bar and they did not disappoint. The hotel has also recently launched their main restaurant run by world famous Michelin starred Chef Heinz Beck. I’m already looking forward to trying out the new menu of Classic Italian dishes from “Beck at Brown’s”


Special Thank you to Browns Hotel for a great evening in Mayfair at the opening of  The Donovan bar. If you’re in the area be sure to check it out.

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